About Us

Welcome to “Peaches & Pink”, a haven for handcrafted wonders nestled in the vibrant landscape of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our story describes passion, creativity, and a commitment to celebrate the essence of womanhood through finely crafted products.

“Peaches & Pink” is the brand name owned by Morning Glory Traders, a proprietorship firm dedicated to manufacture hair accessories, fashion jewelries and home decor craft products. We take pride in curating a collection that mirrors the rich cultural trend of Rajasthan. Each handmade piece is a labour of love, dedication and meticulous efforts of skilled artisans who infuse tradition into every product they make. We manufacture and sell these products throughout the country and abroad. The manpower used is mostly housewives. We train the entrants and help them become skilful as per our requirements.

We use artificial flowers, pollen and varieties of beads as our primary raw material for making products. Secondary, we recycle and up-cycle household and manufacturing discards like waste bottles, cardboard, packing boxes, newspaper, anything of non use, etc. and besides we use jute, handmade paper, bamboo as our raw materials.

We have a You tube channel named “Peaches & Pink” where we freely share our ideas and product making skills.

We invite you to explore our world of hand made products, where every purchase contributes to support local community and preserve age-old craft tradition. Thank you for being a part of “Peaches & Pink” and appreciating handmade craft and art, the vibrant heritage of Rajasthan.

If you have any queries about our product contact us at hello@peachesenpink.com

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